What was even more crucial was the continued interest by the volunteers to contribute their time for the implementation of the activities on a voluntary basis. So YDN enhancing volunteerism program mobilizes the energy of youth for sustainable development through volunteerism and young people need to be provided opportunities to use their energy and commitment as catalysts and change makers for a sustainable and equitable society. Volunteerism offers one of the best modes of enabling this shift for young people. YDN also encourages volunteers to develop their own initiatives in different fields.

During the period from 2010 to 2018, YDN also conducted many activities in enhancing volunteerism program which varied between workshops, festivals, cleaning campaigns, honor volunteers and implemented the annual volunteer forum on World Volunteer Day.

On 2012, YDN in coordination with General Union of Municipal Workers conducted a large cleaning campaign in all Amant Al Asemah districts. Over 700 volunteers participated with the aim to clean the streets, the schools and the neighborhoods in Amant Al Asemah. The cleaning campaign event included community awareness sessions and cleaning promotion activities.

Since 2016, female community volunteers become a part of all humanitarian interventions within the project operational areas and work together with projects staff to visit residents to encourage community involvement, provide support for health facilities and community sensitization activities.