A brief overview of the health situation in Yemen:

Millions of people need health assistance in Yemen where supplies and medical care are scarce. The conflict has devastated the health care system, health facilities are not functioning due to staff shortages, lack of supplies, inability to meet operational costs or limited access. YDN health interventions amid to improve access to primary, secondary and tertiary health care, ensure that health facilities in priority districts are able to respond to epidemics and to help restore the functionality of the closed or damaged health facilities.

YDN Health program interventions:

During the period 2015 to 2020, YDN has conducted (13) interventions in health programs within (8) governorates and more than 366,173 individuals have benefited from it. These interventions included providing free medical services and medicines, providing reproductive health services, providing pediatric services and vaccines,  supporting health facilities with operational costs, supplies, equipment and incentives for health workers, establishing oral rehydration centers for responding to cholera cases, mobile medical teams, training health workers and community health volunteers and conducting awareness sessions. workers and community health volunteers and conducting awareness sessions. 

Geographical Coverage:

(8) Governorates: Taiz, Ibb, Hadramout, Al-Jowf, Mareb, Hajjah, Amran, and Al-Mahwait governorate.

An active partner in: 

  • National & Sub health cluster.
  • RH-IAWG (reproductive health interagency working group).


366,173 Total of health program interventions beneficiaries


Summary of Health interventions:

#ProjectYearNo. of beneficiariesTargeted Governorates
1Provision of medication and aid to the medical cadre and hospitals in the war affected areas201512,584Marib, Taiz, and Hadhramoot
2Provision of medicines and medical supplies201656,020Marib and Al-Jawf
3Integrated Emergency Nutrition and Health Services201729,565Taiz and Ibb
4Integrated Emergency Nutrition and Health Services2017-201839,994Taiz and Ibb
5Integrated Emergency Nutrition, Health and food project20183,835Taiz and Ibb
6cholera cases surveillance and community education201711,515Hajjah
7Community awareness to reduce the outbreak of the third wave
of cholera and watery diarrhea
8Preparedness response project201822,879Taiz and Ibb
9Integrated Nutrition, Health and Food Project201878,491Taiz and Ibb
10Integrated Emergency Nutrition and Health Services for the most vulnerable groups 201829,201Taiz and Ibb
11Emergency Cholera response20194,497Amran
12Integrated Health, Nutrition and WaSH project in Milhan district of Al Mahwait Governorate and Maswar and Huth districts of Amran governorate2019 - 202045,316Amran and Al Mehwait
13Re-operating two health centers in Jabal Habashi and Sharaab Arrawna districts in Taiz governorate2019 - 202023,716Taiz