YDN works with a wide range of local and international partners in all areas of humanitarian and development work. Where partnerships are a key contributing factor in achieving an effective humanitarian and development response, creating sustainable development and long-term impact. Partnerships are also embedded in the YDN approach. By integrating its efforts with its partners, YDN can leverage resources, expertise and competencies to promote all its ideals and values in order to achieve common development goals and to enhance the visibility and impact of its activities. YDN offers a variety of entry points for partnerships in areas where it has leadership, recognized expertise and comparative advantage. These points also correspond to YDN’s main priorities.


Private sector:

In its mission to contribute to sustainable human development, YDN considers that cooperation with the private sector is a necessity rather than an option. Under the Triangle of Development (government – civil society organizations – private sector).

YDN partnership with the private sector MTN contributed to the cooperation in the establishment of technical technical institutes which are the latest in the Republic of Yemen in terms of equipment and specialties (a series of training institutes in the governorates of Aden, Taiz and Hodeidah).


Building partnerships with the Yemeni Development Network for NGOs:

YDN welcomes all partnerships with government agencies, the private sector and local and international civil society organizations. The partnership is based on a set of points on which to build partnerships. It is the sectors in which it operates and has sufficient expertise, which represents the first class of the list of priorities.



YDN has partnership with many local and international organizations including UN Agencies and they are as following: