YDN team participated on the cleanup National Day occasion

YDN team participated on the cleanup National Day occasion


YDN staff and administrators of all departments participated on the cleanup campaign which conducted in Amant Alasemah Sana’a at 12, Dec. 2018.

The cleanup campaign aims to establish voluntary participation principle, Enable the cleanup behavior in the children and adult minds, and creates community awareness highlighting to improve and preserve the environment.

YDN and ASADSC conducted the activities workshop

YDN and ASADSC conducted the activities workshop


YDN and ASADSC conducted workshop on emergency agricultural livelihoods project activities at September 2018 in Al Jawf Governorate. The project funded by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to support the most vulnerable households in Yemen and implemented by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in partnership with YDN and Abna’a Sa’ada Association of Social, Development, and Charity (ASADSC). 

Sagar and Makano Cyclones Reports




Sagar Cyclone – Frist Report – 01:50 AM, 19-05-2018

The regional and international meteorological centers determined, low air in depth, in Wednesday may 17th, at 6:00 Am.  northwest of Socotra archipelago, about 630 KM away

The cyclone heading towards Yemen’s coastal cities (Aden, Lahj, Abyan, Hadramout and Socotra archipelago ) at speeds ranging of  90 to 110 Km/h.

The cyclone’s center was determined at 18:00, world time (9:00Pm world time ) as of  Friday evening, local time  at 11:3 north latitude and 45.2 east longitude.

The impact of cyclone is expected to expend to 12 Yemeni governorates.


State of coastal cities


Eyewitnesses reported from  YDN monitoring team that the city witnessed as of  Thursday evening  17/5 heavy rain accompanied by winds and raising sea level ,as the storm of Sagar approaches to the Aden’s Coasts.

The early hours of Friday May 18/5 , the city was calm in wind movement with drizzling  and cold wind.

The YDN monitoring team reports the renewed rainfall in the city of Aden at 1:50 Am on Saturday 19/5.



The cyclone struck various coastal areas of Hadramout governorates and it expected to increase rapidly in the coming hours.



The YDN monitoring Team recorded some damages in coastal city  of Mukalla, as well as minor damage in the city of Aden.



  • Partial damage in number of houses.
  • 650 household displaced to schools to Broom mafia area.
  • 23 household displaced to Broom area.



  • Partial collapse of some old houses on the coast.
  • Disconnection of the internet in some coastal areas.
  • Fire caused due to circuit in one building due to  the strong winds.


With ongoing warning  of national center of meteorology to expected increased  danger indicators  in the coastal areas . So YDN calling local authorities, and all international, regional and local  organizations to follow the storm’s movement, which would have humanitarian impacts  in coastal cities that threatened by the cyclone , and put suitable programs for intervention in suitable   time and place


Wishing safety for, Allah bless.






Sagar Cyclone – Second Report – 01:00 PM, 19-05-2018

The cyclone path move away of the southern and eastern of Yemeni coasts, where 254 km away from Aden and 1447 from  Aldiss  to Mukalla.


State of coastal cities


Light rain to mid  on Wednesday over  Ahwar city  and coastal areas,  Kaber al-Markisha and Shakrat  Sheik Abdallah  with little rise in the sea’s wives and moderate winds and rainfall on the rest districts  from A-Mahfud to Zanzibar and there is no significant damage until this moment



The weather is mostly to partly cloudy after the rain stopped and the low wind speed, and the temperature has been returned to upper hot.



Light rain in a different parts of the island after the cyclone move away and the danger was gone and there was no damage.



After Cyclone’s danger gone wheatear was   sunny and hot 




  • Number of cyclone affected household, 300 households, that living in tin houses and some in old houses.
  • 628 households displaced to the shelter centers in Broom Maifa’ah, 505 households in shelter centers , 23 in relevant houses.
  • 100 houses were destroyed, 20 of which completely destroyed and becomes unlivable, 80 were in need of repair.



  • 2,000 basket food.
  • 1 million liters of drinking pure water.
  • 2,000 Blankets.
  • 3,500 bed mat.