The ability to adapt and innovate is a positive sign of the ability of people and systems to change when needed as well as to continue to act and accomplish in the context of changing internal and external influences. Capacity in this sense means that the organization or system can adapt to changes, including major shocks such as natural disasters, unforeseen governments/ financiers’ decisions, changing needs of beneficiaries, loss of basic staff, or sudden economic changes. The challenge here is to balance stability and change.

So the substantial purpose for establishing is YDN was a common conviction of the indispensable need for the establishment of a specialized entity responsible for building the capacities of the social community organizations to ensure their active participation and good practice of their roles. For about a decade, YDN successfully has accomplished its goals in improving local NGOs’ abilities and gained broader comprehension and active participation.

In 2014, YDN was obliged to utilize its accumulated experiences and sophisticated resources to respond to the devastating humanitarian situation developing as a result of the ongoing conflict. This was interpreted in the provision of life-saving services through the implementation of various humanitarian projects in the most affected areas optimally by including local communities in decision-making and reflecting their opinions, as possible, in the interventions.